Zayn Malik is Reportedly An Executive Producer For His Own TV Show

You won't believe what the rumored plot is about!

After Zayn Malik called it quits with award winning boy band One Direction, we were all anticipating his solo work that would follow his split. We were not let down with tracks like PillowTalk, It's You, and LIKE I WOULD, accompanied by a stellar album. We expected Malik to stick around the music scene for a while, however this may not totally be the case. 

According to numerous sources, Zayn Malik has been given an executive producer role... for his own TV show. What's it going to be about? A boy band. 

Yes, way. 

The rumored plot of Zayn's TV show is said to be about a boy band who are trying to land a record label and eventually become world wide phenomenons. The show is said to document the roller coaster ride the characters go on, and the behind the scenes personal drama they all individually deal with. 

Sound familiar? This seems more like an exposé documentary than a fictional TV show, Z.