Will Smith Does NOT Like Jared Leto And It's Kind Of Hilarious

Will Smith has some comments about his 'Suicide Squad co-star' that you won't believe!

The highly anticipated Suicide Squad film was released to theaters this past weekend, wracking in a whopping 132.5 million dollars. The movie outranked Deadpool and Batman vs. Superman at the box office, breaking multiple records. Fans were anticipating see the new Joker in the film, and now we know exactly why. Jared Leto, aka The Joker, channeled his character so well, it even made his co star Will Smith dislike him! 

According to numerous sources, Will Smith, who played Deadshot in the blockbuster superhero flick flat out said "I don't like Jared Leto."


Smith was quoted on the matter by saying: 

“I straight up do not like that dude. He’s an ass. On set we were all professionals except him. I had a cast party at my house and did not invite him cause I knew he’d like steal my family photos and eat them.”

After his PR agent tried to fix what appeared to be a "rude" comment, Smith later said:

“Dude threw a dead pig on our read through table. Dude was in character at 6am during breakfast, pissing in my oatmeal and shit. I can’t be more clear. I hate Jared Leto and his 30 Seconds To Mars Bullshit. I hate him and I wish he could just act and be normal and shut up. I don’t think the dude has a “normal” though and we should all stop giving him attention. No matter what my PR guy says this is how I really feel.” 

Well, I mean, I guess we know that our new Joker took his role pretty seriously...right?