Victoria's Secret Latest Photoshop Fail Has The Company Under Fire For Editing Their Models

Was this looked at before it was released..

In the current world emphasizing body appreciation has become very important, especially in advertising. Many stores including American Eagle's sister company, Aerie, have started a movement providing that all of their models will not be retouched and that they are about "loving the real you". Body positive campaigns such as Aerie's have only added to the fire about the current Victoria's Secret photoshop fail. 

It is no surprise many companies still photoshop and retouch their images, but yes they can be overdone. 

In a current photo uploaded to the Victoria's Secret Facebook and Instagram accounts, many fans have taken notice to disturbances in this photo. There are questions regarding the random elbow on the right side of the photograph as well as the model's thin smoothed out arm on the left. 

The top models, Martha Hunt and Stella Maxwell, as well as Victoria's Secret have yet to comment on the concern.