Universal Studios Is Ready To Give You A Good Scare This Halloween

Wait until you see Universal Studios Theme Park's newest Halloween attraction!

Hey fellow horror fans! 

For those of you who are more excited for Halloween than Christmas, you will be just excited as I am about Universal Studios Theme park's latest announcement. As some of you may know, the world renowned park, that features rides and attractions based on TV and film, holds an annual Horror Nights attraction during the month of October. They've featured things such as Friday The 13th, Halloween, and Nightmare on Elm Street. (Ah yes, the classics.) Now, as of this week, it has officially been announced that FX's American Horror Story will have its own horror attraction for the month of October in both Orlando and Hollywood locations! 

Visitors can expect to see characters from three of the five seasons of the spooky show. Rumored characters are said to be ghosts from Murder House, Freakshow's Twisty the Clown, as well as characters from Hotel. (How can you not feature anything from coven or asylum, though???) 

According to Fuse, John Murdy, the Creative Director at Universal Studios Hollywood and Executive Producer of Halloween Horror Nights said this when asked about the attraction: 

"American Horror Story is one of the most disturbing television shows ever produced, and with such perverse storylines unfolding with each installment, Halloween Horror Nights is undoubtedly the only place that could create a living version of the nightmares that Ryan Murphy dreams up. Plus, as a fan favorite, American Horror Story has been the number one requested maze from our guests and we’re excited to let them know that we listened to them and are bringing American Horror Story to life.”

We are super excited to see what is in store for this AWESOME new attraction!