Save Marina Joyce: Fans Of Fashion Blogger Are Worried She Might Be In Danger

UK fashion blogger Marina Joyce has her fans worried over her recent strange behavior on social media sites.

Marina Joyce, a UK fashion blogger on YouTube has taken social media by storm as of last night. Fans of the nineteen year old YouTuber have took to Twitter with the hashtag "#savemarinajoyce" after noticing her strange behavior throughout her videos, as well as social media generally. 

For example, fans have pointed out that Joyce has been acting strange in her videos. She has been doing things such as zoning out (appearing to be looking at someone or something actually filming her) stuttering and repeating her words, and doing advertising for clothing. Now, this may not sound like such a big deal, but comparing her videos of when she started two years ago to now, you could tell something could quite possibly be very wrong. 

This video is from about a year ago, showing her personality and how most of her vids were filmed before:

This is her most recent video:

Look at the difference in videos. It is legitimately like looking at two different people. In the "Date Outfit Ideas" video, at one point you can actually see someone point to a specific spot, as if telling her what to do.  You could also hear a whisper of what fans are speculating is a faint "help me." Even the editing itself is in poor content in comparison to her videos from even 9 months ago, which also leading to fan speculation that someone could possibly be controlling her YouTube channel itself. In a lot of her videos, you could also see bruises, cuts and marks on her ankles indicating some kind of abuse is going on, worrying everyone even further. 

Things got even weirder last night when someone tweeted from Marina's official account.                                           

Now again, this may not seem so strange, but here me out. 

Bethnal Green is a dangerous area in the UK, in which there have been shootings recently. Why would a nineteen year old YouTube beauty blogger think this would be a good idea? 

However fans later found out that this "meetup" will be taking place August 3rd, which we still don't recommend attending until this situation is completely cleared up. 

Things took an even weirder turn after Marina Joyce did a YouNow video for her fans discussing that she is "okay." However, this may have just worried everyone even worse. 

skip to 20:25

This is just one of the few weird things that went down during this livestream. 

People have many different ideas of what the truth is behind this whole Marina Joyce conspiracy. 

Some believe she may be kidnapped, held hostage with her family,  in an abusive relationship, on drugs, or this is all just a massive publicity stunt for subscribers. Some have even speculated that she may have some kind of personality disorder causing her to act this way. 

Whatever this may be, we genuinely hope that whatever it is that is going on is in fact a hoax, because this entire idea is absolutely horrifying. We hope that Marina ends up being safe and sound.