NYC Bar Has Sci/Fi Fantasy Themed Shots And It's Enchantingly Cool

The Harry Potter shots are magical...

NYC is home to some of the coolest themed bars and restaurant in the world. We've got places such as Beetle House (a Tim Burton Inspired Bar), as well as Stay Classy NYC (A Will Ferrell Themed bar.) There have also been places such as Jeckyll & Hyde's, Mars 2112, and Ninja. 

However this NYC bar may have one of the coolest drink ideas in the New York City bar scene. The owners and bartenders at Barcelona Bar NYC, located between 54th and 55th on eight avenue, are serving up some truly magical shots. They are bringing sci/fi and fantasy nerds to their doors with their Game Of Thrones, Star Wars, and other themed shots. 


Perhaps the coolest and evidently most popular are the Harry Potter themed shots. 

The shots presentations are insanely cool, with bartenders channeling their inner Hogwarts and yelling the spells as they light the shots on fire which "explode" thanks to "magic cinnamon powder." 

Muggles, if you're ever visiting in NYC, make sure to visit Barcelona Bar NYC for a taste of magic!