New Trailer For 'Split' Was Released Predicting A New Classic Flick

This is definitely a movie we're all anticipating...

In the horror film industry, we feel that it is nearly impossible for anyone to come up with anything original at this point. It is as if all the classics have completely tainted the idea of a horror film every being able to top a box office anymore in this day and age. Perhaps setting the highest standards for horror in this generation touch on the supernatural, such as Sinister, The Conjuring, or even the Insidious films. However, there has yet to be any kind of horror movies that portray true human horrors. 

However, writer and director M. Night Shyamalan may have just changed the horror movie game for this generation all over again. 


Split, is psychological thriller about three teenage girls who are abducted from their car and held hostage in an unknown place. As if this isn't already horrifying, it gets even more interesting. Their abductor, played by James McAvoy,  has a personality disorder, in which he takes on 23 identities throughout the film, which ultimately ends in the most dangerous which he calls "The Beast." 

Okay, do you believe us now when we say this dude might have totally changed the horror movie game again? With a story line like this one, and hopefully got execution of cinematography, acting and writing... this could potentially be a new Silence of The Lambs type of flick. Did someone say classic? 

Split hits theaters January 2017!