May The Lord be With You?

Looking into the unholy war between Atheists and people of religion

Faith: it is something that cannot be seen, heard, or felt. Why is it that for centuries people have been attracted to this idea of faith? Could it be one seeking comfort? Or perhaps a true stern belief that there really exists a higher being? Regardless of ones reasoning, it has certainly been a controversial over the past century.

   But before we look into reasoning of faith, let us dwell into the other side of the spectrum. The ones who have been challenging the people of religion; the Atheists. Now mind you, I have been on both sides in my life.

    It is without a doubt that for centuries all religions have done some serious oppressing. It is certainly a large reason for the back-lashing towards it, and it still applies today in some regions.  With that, can one blame somebody for being a rebel against the idea of a religion?The amount of power that some religious factions have gained have equated to them having their own countries; but let us rewind for a moment, and look at why some may see this as a good thing.

     With power comes evil, that can definitely be proven. However, this is not always the case. I remember in my dog days, when going to church with my family, there was always a sense of unity. Not necessarily on a large scale but it definitely brought some of the neighborhood together. So while religion may hold a lot of power, a lot of times that power can be used to bring the community together for once, which of course is never a bad thing. 

   But how can one believe in this mystical man in the sky? 


 Atheists, you are certainly correct when you think of it that way. I mean the idea of this being, hanging out who knows where? Above the clouds? In a galaxy far far away? It is understandable as to why  it  may sound ridiculous to some.

 It also brings me back to the beginning of this article, about the idea of faith; how could one believe in something that is quite literally not there? Is it truly those seeking comfort? Well to answer that, from what I have observed, no. From what I recall, faith comes from the heart, mind, and soul. While I may not necessarily believe in miracles, I have certainly seem some happen before, especially at church. And it leads to the idea of freewill. Will you believe after you observe? 

    So Atheists, take a moment, and step back and maybe think about the idea of faith and why people believe. To the people that hold their faith close to them, step back, and maybe look at the faults of why people would disagree with your beliefs.