Green Day Is Back! Band Releases New Single And Announces New Album

Anotha one! Boom!

Over the past few months, there have been many comebacks from some of alternative punk's most legendary artists, including Blink 182 and most recently Sum 41, who announced a massive 'Don't Call It A Sum-Back' tour after wrapping up with Warped this summer. 

Now adding to the extensive lists of legends making a return to the alt scene, are the One and only... Green Day! 

That's right, fellow punks! Billie Joe and the crew are back with a single, and a new album on the way!

The new single 'Bang Bang' was released earlier today along with its lyric video on the band's social media pages! They also went on to announce their new album 'Revolution Radio' will be dropped in October! 

The new single has an old school Green Day flare to it, and we are definitely all pretty excited about this. Why? Old school Green Day is LIFE. 

We hope the rest of the album gives us this vibe too, because we'll all be blasting our radios and breaking out our oversized flannels all over again. Here is one question fans are wondering as of right now, though. Will the punk legends be going back on tour for this upcoming album? Be sure to check back soon for updates on it!