From 0 to 100: A Soliloquy On The Passage Into the Adult World

What it means to swiftly enter the adult world

 Recollect for a moment, think back into the days of your childhood. What was the thing you wanted the most? Well, if you're anything like me the thing I wanted most was to finally become an adult. Think about it from a child's perspective: staying up whenever you want, eating whatever you want, making your own decisions, how can any child not want that? At least the ones blissfully ignorant of what it means to truly be an adult. 

     So now here I am, working as a full time plumber, waking up at the crack of the sunrise, and sometimes working more than an 8 hour shift in the relentless summer heat. Sounds like a rough time doesn't it? Sure I can do practically whatever I want, whenever I want nowadays but like many things there is a trade off. It almost feels as if the freedom I once had has been stripped from me. I am now encapsulated by the thoughts of constant work. The feeling of  summer vacation finally being here is no longer, and it is now replaced with my mind in a constant daze of "When is my next off?" 


  So to anyone who is reading this, you may or may not be wondering; what is the point of me writing this?

 If your thoughts are along the lines of another person complaining about having responsibility, it's not about that. It's a warning to everybody, young or late starters, to not rush. Take your time in life and enjoy the days that you have in which you have little to no responsibility. Before you know it, you'll  end up like me, wanting something and once it finally comes, you want nothing but to return to what once was before.

 As Bill Watterson once said "we're so busy watching out for what's just ahead of us that we don't take time to enjoy where we are."