Body Shamed Olympian Recieves Support Following Nasty Comments

Alexa Moreno, 22, finds support on social media after being bullied over her weight.

With the 2016 Rio Olympics in full swing,  top athletes from all around the world compete to bring gold medals to their home country.

However for one Olympic gymnast, her journey has come with slander comments. 

 22-year-old Alexa Moreno found that her Olympic games would come with some harsh judgement..on her weight.  At 4 feet and 10 inches tall and only 99 pounds, Alexa Moreno, represented Mexico as an artistic gymnast and took 31st place in a terrific performance.

However, she could not be happy with her performance as people belittled her about her weight over twitter. "Alexa Moreno has the body of two gymnasts, a diet before the Olympics would have been nice," one man wrote.  Other comments were as mercilessness and unnecessary as the next. 

Competing as a gymnast for Mexico in the Olympics, Alexa Moreno placed 31st in  artistic gymnastics competition.

The good news started shortly after Moreno finished competing. Other people started responding to the gymnast's bullies.  "To those body shaming Alexa Moreno from their sofas at home, she has achieved more at 22 than you probably will in your entire lives," one person said over twitter. Her critics could be described easily as hypocritical due to their lack of knowledge of gymnastics. It is possible her haters are just jealous she has achieved success in the Olympics even though she may not take on the look of an average gymnast. It is also hard to believe 99 pounds is considered overweight. It is safe to say that most of the people of Mexico take pride in Moreno's outstanding performance and many are calling her an inspiration and rightfully so. The lesson here is that athletic ability comes not from size and shape but rather from the person's resolve and how hard they work to be the best.