American Horror Story Season 6 Season Trailers Have Been Released

Can you guess the theme based on the trailers?

American Horror Story has become one of the most iconic horror shows on TV today. With seasons one through five all being extremely successful, it is no surprise at how high the anticipation is for season six of the grizzly show. 

There has been a lot of speculation recently of what the theme of the new season will be, and based on the recent release of the new trailers, we may just have an idea of what this season is all about. 

Based on the few trailers that have been released that include a distant shot of a rural farm house, a crib with a mobile laced with weapons and farm tools with a seemingly monster-esque baby hand reaching up to grab one, a woman (who appears to be Lady Gaga in character) with a bug crawling down her face with creepy country- ish music playing in the backround, and the next one being two adults and a child silhouette with glowing eyes, we may just know what the theme is. 

American Horror Story: Farm? 

To be honest, if this is executed correctly... this could be really creepy.