AHS Fans: We've Been Duped!

Turns out we DON'T really know what season 6 is all about!

Over the past few weeks, American Horror Story's season 6 teaser trailers were revealed, giving everyone an idea of what the upcoming anticipated season would be all about... at least that's what we all thought. 

It just so happens that we in fact still have no clue as to what the show is exactly going to be about. That's right, horror junkies and freakshow lovers, we've been lied to! 

According to numerous sources, FX president John Landgraf, along with Ryan Murphy and the rest of the twisted writers and creators behind American Horror Story came up with the brilliant idea of changing the game and duping their fans!

Of the six teaser trailers that the show has released, only ONE of them is true to AHS's newest season theme!

“We just thought that would be a nice change after five years of doing things one way,” said Landgraf. 

To be honest, this was a pretty cool strategy. We just hope this season owns up to its secret hype! 

American Horror Story season six airs on FX September 14th at 10pm.