1-Year-Old Pitbull Survives After Living With Six Pound Chain Around Her Neck

One-year-old Roxanne is lucky to be alive after having a chain weighing more than 10% of body weight wrapped around her neck.


Rescue Dogs Rock NYC came to action when they heard a one-year-old pitbull had a six-pound chain wrapped around her neck. The dog, which was named Roxanne was all by herself when she was found wandering around Columbia, South Carolina. The chain was wrapped tightly around her neck, causing her head to be terribly swollen.


The pup was only 50 pounds when she was found, making the chain weighing more than 10% or her body weight. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC quickly rushed Roxanne to a vet and doctors worked tirelessly to remove the chain. After successfully removing the chain, Roxanne was taken to have emergency surgery. Roxanne pulled through her surgery and thankfully; her swelling has gone down completely.


Roxanne is still emaciated but it said to be getting healthier day by day. There is also a donation page made by the group to help Roxanne and other dogs like her who have to go through these terrible abuses.